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What is the Outer Banks Task Force's (OBTF) official mandate or status?
OBTF's mandate is outlined in the Renewed Memorandum of Understanding. PDF
What authority does the OBTF have?
OBTF recommendations are reached by consensus of the members and are endorsed/approved by the Executive Committee.
Who can participate in OBTF and how are members selected?
One representative from each of the nine partnering agencies is appointed by the same agency's Executive Committee Member. Anyone may attend or participate in OBTF meetings.
Who funds OBTF activities?
Funding for OBTF studies are intended to be a 50-50 federal-state cost-share (only state money has been used so far). Individual agencies fund their own attendance at meetings.
Is general statistical information available for the OBTF study area?
The OBTF web page does not currently contain general statistics, but as this information is gathered for OBTF studies, it will be included on the web page for general access, as practicable.
What are the geographic limits of the OBTF's area of interest?
The study area begins at Ocracoke Inlet in Hyde County and extends north to Whalebone Junction in Dare County.