MEMORANDUM TO: Outer Banks Task Force Members and Friends

FROM: Roy C. Shelton, Chairman, Outer Banks Task Force

SUBJECT: Transmittal of March 25, 2003 Meeting Minutes

Attached are the minutes from the Outer Banks Task Force meeting held in Williamston, North Carolina, on March 25, 2003. Please review the minutes and provide any changes, revisions, or clarifications to me by Friday, June 6, 2003. You may submit your comments via e-mail at [email protected], by fax at (919-733-9794), or by mail at NCDOT-Division of Highways, 1548 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1548.

At the March 25 meeting, the next meeting of the OBTF was tentatively scheduled for July 29, 2003. This date has been changed. The next meeting is now scheduled for October 28, 2003 at Martin Community College in Williamston, starting at 10 AM. Additional information will be furnished later.

I have also attached a copy of the OBTF sign-in sheet, which includes telephone, e-mail, and addresses for the attendees.

If you have any questions, please call me at (919) 733-7844, ext. 293, or e-mail me at the address listed above.


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