These links are for informational purposes only and are not necessarily endorsed by the Outer Banks Task Force.
Web Sites Related to Barrier Islands, Coastal Processes, and Engineering: Web Page of the Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory (CHL) with links to major issues in coastal areas such as beach protection, dredging, and hurricanes. A page by US Fish and Wildlife Service that provides information on coastal barriers, including definitions, laws, and uses of the barriers.
Web Sites Related to Sea Level Rise: An article by James G. Titus and others that examines the cost-effectiveness of "holding back the sea" as sea levels rise. A page of general links to information on global warming. A page of general information on the impacts of global warming on coastal areas of the United States.
Web Sites Related to the North Carolina Outer Banks: Provides information about the Outer Banks of North Carolina, including maps and recreational information. Provides current weather conditions along the Outer Banks. A short article by Eric Hause that explains how Oregon Inlet was named.
Web Sites Related to Storms along the Outer Banks: Provides general hurricane information and evacuation routes from the Outer Banks, courtesy of the National Park Service. A report on the effects of Hurricane Dennis, including aerial photographs taken before and after the storm. A page by the US Geological Survey that describes the impacts hurricanes have on coastal areas. Provides specific data and other information on specific hurricanes. A page by the National Hurricane Center that provides historical information on hurricanes and regular updates of those in the Atlantic as they move.
Web Sites Related to Beach Nourishment: This Web site can help state and local organizations make informed decisions about beach nourishment.
Web Sites Related to Habitats and Endangered Species: A NOAA site that provides links to various pages with information about sea turtles. A page devoted to sea turtles and their conservation. A page self-described as a "one-stop reference to sea turtle information on the internet." Contains a link to the Marine Turtle Newsletter. Provides information on proposed critical habitats for piping plover. Provides information about Essential Fish Habitat, which is regulated by the National Marine Fisheries Service.