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Offshore Sand Resources Study:
This study was initiated through a Memorandum of Agreement between the OBTF and the North Carolina Geological Survey in 1994 in order to identify potential beach nourishment sand resources and areas of potential hard bottom (environmentally sensitive areas) within the OBTF study area. The information collected includes seismic, side-scan, and vibracore data. The reports (see links below) summarize the geology of each area studied and provide information on the location and estimated amount of sand resources offshore of the erosional hotspots. This website contains a database of the vibracore data collected as part of this study. The interactive database shows core locations, core images, and textural (grain size) data derived from the core.

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Vulnerability Study (In Progress)
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Technical Data
Cross-section data for Hot Spots
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Erosion Rates along Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands